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On this page you can find all of the information about it if you as a beginner need to know about skating! Here you can read about all the points that you should be aware of if you purchase skates, wheels, bearings , frames and everything else that has to do with skates. We also mention how you can practice well with skating,so that you can accomplish doing tricks quit quickly!

What is the difference between the types of skates?

There is a big difference about the different types of skates there are, which they all carry a different goal. All skates which have wheels that are inplanted behind one another are called inline skates. Skates with two wheels in front and two wheels at the back are called quads or roller blades.

Stuntskates / Aggressive Skates

stuntskates - Swindler is specialized in stuntskates. These skates are made for doing tricks in skate parks and on the streets. That's why stuntskates have special soulplates which you can glide. They have smaller wheels than other skates so that you are on low ground and more stabl.
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Recreational Skates

Next to suntskates you've got recreational skates. These skates are made specially to go throughout the city or parks and they don't have firm proctection which stunstskates have. They are usually lighter. You can't do stunts with recreational skates, since they aren't made to do that. On we don't sell any recreational skates. Recreational skates are often called rollerblades which is incorrect.

Freestyle Skates

Freestyle skates combined with stuntskates and recreational skates and therefore have differences between. These are skates that have high frame,big wheels of recreational skate and it has a firm shell. These skates are perfect to get worn out by skating out in the streets.
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Rollerblades are seperate skates wich are purely made for speed, see it as noren underneath the skates. These skates oftern have 5 wheels, or four big wheels. These skates are extremely suitable for people who want to take tours due to no difficulty in going fast. Skaters use this to train during the summer. The term rollerblading is often use incorrectly for another form of skating.


By all skater there is also the old west rollerskating which the wheels aren't placed behind one another. With rollerskating there are two wheels next to one another in the front and next to one another at the back.

What are the cheapest stuntskates?

As a beginners guide it's better to buy second hand made skates than skates which are new and cheap.For just € 80,- is usually difficult to find new skates which you can comfortably do stunts with, while for only € 80,- you can exactly find second hand made skates.

The best beginner skates there are, are the Razors Cult skates.The costs are about € 139,95. The costs of different skates of the same brand is between € 200,- en de € 300,- so the costs are reasonably cheap. What's also wise is by checking out the skates which before were higher than € 200,- for example there is a discount of € € 149,95

Chrildren skates are always cheaper. The USD Transformer for example only cotst € 109,95.

How long do your stuntskates last for?

How many times you skate on them usually depends on where you use them. A few skates usually last for about a year. Skates usually wear off faster if you go out and street a lot (on the streets just skating and gliding for example on stone and concrete) and skating a lot at outdoor skate parks. If you especially skate at any indoor skate parks such as Skateland or Skatepark Amsterdam then your skates will surely last longer than a year.

What size should I take of the stuntskates?

The story that you must buy stuntskates that are some what bigger than your own shoesize isn't right! It is very important that you buy stuntskates with are the appropriate size, so that you have all the control of your feet. Only because stuntskates fit just right like shoes do as you stand up, for the first few times and on the new stuntskates you may feel a few pressure points. You don't need to worry about this, because that will wear off quickly and you'll be comfortable with your stuntskates!

Are your feet still growing? Then you should get 1 size bigger. Stuntskates on average last for a year. If after a year your stuntskates are still good but they don't fit you anymore, then you can always buy them on sale at of
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How should I maintain my stuntskates?

Due to skating you can sometimes accidently lose the screws. Make sure that you check it before you go skating and make sure that you always have an inbus with you. Another maintanance that you should do is replacing your wheels and clean your bearings.To clean your bearings special things are needed. The wheels of your skate slowly tend to from an angle wear out,you can prevent this from happening to take them out and turning them around, so that the other side can wear out. Other parts just break and then must be replaced with new parts.
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How dangerous is stuntskating?

Stuntskating is very dangerous if you go out doing it on your own. You already planned the tricks and in this plan you also think what went wrong. Because of the fall the plan extended and that won't scare you and you can just accept everything. Falling and then getting up! If you've just began, it's wise to have protection on while skating. At least until you've got complete control over your fall. The most important protection to wear, is a helmet. But knee- and wrist pads are also important. Wirstpads without plastic feels the best because it gives more control during your fall and to reduce the shock. A lot of skates that you see skating don't have any protection on, but that doesn't mean that it's wise to skate without any protection!
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ALK13 - Kneepads USD -  Knee Gaskets Skate Force - Knee Guards Roces - Glove Scribe - Brian Aragon Wristbrace Elbow Pads

What should I be aware of if I want to buy Frames?

All stuntframes fit well on all stuntskates.The standards between the fames is called Universal Frame System (UFS).The difference between frames usually sits a big space of the groove, the length of the frame, the maximal of the how big the wheels are and the weight. There are two types of frames mainly flat frames and freestyle frames. By a freestyle frames only can fit 2 wheels and is the groove very big. This has the advantage of that you easily can land a trick, the disadvantage is that you lock less.Then you are less stable while gliding..
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Why do some stuntskates only have 2 wheels?

Not all stuntskates (or actually frames) have room for four wheels. Even frames that do have room for four wheels usually only have two actual wheels, inbetween wheels are replaced with small glidingwheels. This is done because with stuntskating gliding is an important part. You need a lot of room for your frames

What should I be aware of when I buy wheels?


Op wheels behind them you always tend to see a number with the letter A, forexample 90A. The hight the number, the stronger wheels. Hard wheels wear off slowly than soft wheels, but you have less of a grip. This is a personal choice, that a lot of people don't realize the difference of the softness wheels to hard wheels changes.


There are different brands that make wheels all brands have got their pros and cons. Eulogy is according to a lot of the skaters the best brand that makes wheels. The wheels of Eulogy is longer well known than all other brands and especially lock very well. Other brands that you try out for the first time are Undercover, Streetartist, Murder1 and Denial.


The diameter is the biggest part of the wheel, the higher the number, how bigger the wheels are. Big wheels ensure that you skate with full potential and that you're agile. Smaller wheels ensure you that you're more stable, yet you're less agile.
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What should I be aware of if I want to buy bearings?

There are different types of bearings, metal bearing and creamic bearings.Creamic bearings are better to use for stuntskates, because the shape of the bearings are metal and last longer.

ABEC is used for the quality of bearings of using it, but these quality indicators are actually completely irrevelant for skating. The ABEC scale gives the maximal tolerance of bearings,the higher the ABEC number the more precise are the bearings made. ABEC 9 for example gives the bearing of not being longer than 12micro meters which can diverge(5 times so small just as a piece of a hair). Such small tolerances aren't only needed if the bearing quickly has to turn, During skating, turning the bearings relatively takes an ammount of time and is totally irrelevant.
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