Stuntskate Tricks

There are a lot of trick that you can do accomplish with your skates. On this page you'll have an insight of all the tricks that you can do. There are tips which are given with every trick, so that you can know them a lot faster. You'll see them split into categories. These are the grind, switch ups, cess slides, grabs, spins and flips.


Gliding for a lot of people is the most important part of skating.You've got loads of grinds and it's not enough for you, then you can also learn switch-ups By doing a switc-up, you do a grind and then jump to do another one in that way you combine different grinds together.

Before doing a grind, you should stall it first. That means that you jump on the surface area, but not on the gravel. If you can stall it well,then you pratically can lock the grind. Then you can go and actually grind, where it's slippery enough to grind either on a rail, curb, ledge or other surfaces which you can glide on.

There are a lot of different varieties of grinds, so you can go backwards, or you can spin right before you jump onto the gliding surface area. While gliding and changing tricks you can do switch-ups.All these tricks and terms are on this page verbally explained.

In the explanation about the leg, This is the leg which during the grind most of your weight is on and in that case you're more stable.


De soul to a lot of people is seen as one of the basic grinds of skating. With this grind you use your makio leg as a leg.You set your other foot for,turning in a frontside way. Try to bend your knees well, so that all your weight is above your feet. Turning your shoulders in the way which you are turning during the grind, it makes it easier to stay on the surface area by balancing.


De acid is a variation of the soul, which your front foot is turned differently. With this grind you use youra class="dot" href="">makio leg as a leg. Your other foot is in front turned in the backside motion.Just like by other grinds which are based on the soul, you've got your weight above your feet. The easiest way to do this is to bend your knees. To be able to be more stable, you can turn your shoulders in the way which you are grinding.


De miszue is a grind to a lot of people seen as one of the other simple grinds. With this grind. With this grind you use makio leg as a leg.Unlike the soul and acidgrind, putting your foot behind your makio foot. This foot turns in the motion of a backside Try to keep some room between your front foot and your back foot, so that your weight is in the middle and you're more stable.


De pornstar is also known and called sunny day and is, just like the soul, acid and miszue, which are the basic grinds. With a pornstar is your makio leg the leg. You set your leg behind the one which is in the front,turning in a frontside motion. Try to make as little room as possible. With a pornstar it's important that you're also stable with your backfoot, make sure that the backfoot doesn't get stuck with your frontfoot.


De frontside is another basic grind which you don't use your souplates. You're standing in the obstacle turned with two feet on the surface area. Make sure that you grind in the middle of your frame (the groove). Try to level out your weight using both of your legs. It can be easier to glide further on as you look forward instead of looking down at your feet.

Backside Grind

De backside grind is another basic grind which you glide over the H-block(the middle part of your frames). You stand with two feet on the surface area, but having your back turning towards the surface area. Just like by the frontside it's important that the grove of your skates is on the surface area. Try to make sure that your weight is leveled out with your legs. To make sure that you can glide further, you need to look forward..

Full Torque

Een full torque is a grind which you can do differently in two ways. You can do a frontside and a backside full torque Some people name a full torque an fahrvergnugen. With a full torque you glide just like by a frontside or abackside, but you put you place your foot in a diagonale way which you glide in. You keep your weight in the middle of your body above your feet. Om te zorgen dat je stabieler staat kan je dieper door je knieën gaan en de kromming die erin zit groter maken.


Een royale you can do it in two ways just like the full torque a, frontside royale and abackside royale. A royale is just like a frontside or a backside, except you only put your ankle in a diagonale position in the way which you are grinding. Try to put your back foot on the backslide plate and to be stable. The beter you lock the backslide plate, the further you can glide.


De unity another grind which you set in a frontside and backside can do. A lot of people find this trick beautiful to begin with than to practice with more difficult grinds. An characteristic of unity is gliding it with crossing you legs where your shoulders are also slightly turned in the way which you are gliding. With a frontside unity grind, you're gliding on the obstacle leaning back. A backside unity is glided with your back leaning towards the obstacle. By bending your knees, you support your weight by being in the middle and in that way the grind unity will be easier to glide further.


Een savannah lijkt heel erg op de unity, met als enige verschil de manier waarop je schouders gedraaid zijn. Je kan zowel een frontside als een backside savannah grinden. Je grind de savannah met gekruiste benen, met de schouders weggedraaid van de richting waarin je grind. Bij de savannah is het belangrijk om diep door je knieën te gaan, zodat je stabiel genoeg staat om hem te kunnen grinden.


De x-grind is a grind that you can't compare with other grinds. The combanation of a makio and a topside makio (fishbrain). With one foot you're doing makio and you put the other for or behind a makio foot a fishbrain. Try to put the heaviest weight in the middle of your body and bend your knees. You'll be more stable as you let some room be inbetween your two feet.


The cabdriver is a grind based on a normal frontside or backside.Instead of keeping your feet straight, you place your foot in front in a torque position and your back foot in a backslide position.Try to let your feet come with one another. By bending your knees very well, you can finish the grind.

Bin Soul

Een bin soul is best described as a soul that you miss lock.Instead of having your front foot be the class="dot" href="">makio position, you place your foot further with this your foot is placed like a backside torque. In order to grind this trick well, you'll need to make sure that your weight is leveled out with your legs.


Een chaplin grind is for an acid which is what the bin soul is for a soul. Instead of a makio,your backfoot should be positioned the same way as a frontside. Your front foot is positioned like it is with an acid. By making more room inbetween your feet and bending your knees,it'll be easier to glide it out fully.


De makio is one of the most important grind there is. It is one of the basic grinds from the whole series such as the soul, acid and miszue. With makio your soulplate is placed of the leg on the ground surface. You're gliding with one foot. By keeping your weight above your feet and leaning slightly towards the obstacle in which you grind, you can make that you grind the trick successfully.

One Foot

Naast de makio there are a few more tricks, inwhich you can glide with one foot. These are the backslide, pudslide, fastslide and torque. With doing a backslide, your position is just like a frontside or backside, but you lift up your front foot. You're standing with your back foot on your backslide plate. By doing a pudslide, you're only doing it with one of your back feet, but leaning on the other side, so that Bij een pudslide sta je ook alleen op je achterstevoet, maar dan de andere kant opgeleund zodat je in de kleine groove die aan die kant in je plate zit staat. Een fastslide is hetzelfde als een pudslide, maar bij deze trick sta je op je voorste in plaats van je achterste been. Een torque is te vergelijken met een backslide, maar net als bij een fastslide sta je op je voorste been in plaats van je achterste been.

Grind Variaties


Veel grinds kan je zowel frontside als backside doen. Voorbeelden van ginds waar dit het geval is zijn bijvoorbeeld royale, unity, savannah en full torque. Bij een frontside sta je met de voorkant van je skates gericht naar het obstakel, of bij een rail in de richting waarop je ook op het grindoppervlakte springt.


Een grind backside by doing it while you're going to jump onto an obstacle, you turn half of your body in which the front of your skates are shown on the obstacle while gliding on it. Examples of backside grinds are for example backside royale, backside full torque en backside savannah.


A topside grind is a grind in which the frame of your makiofoot doesn't touch the groundsurface,but lays on top. In principle, you can In principle you can call up all grinds on a makio based on doing topside grinds as well. Some grinds do receive another name. A topside makio is called a fishbrain genoemd and a topside miszue is also known as sweatstance. If you do a sweatstance alley oop then it is a kindgrind.


When do a farside grind, it's called a farside grind. Farsides are usually done on ledges, which are on both sides skatable. Sometimes farside can be confused with a topside, in order to face it, you can for example spine with a double coping to have in your thoughts. If you then a topside trick grind, you grind inbetween the two copings.With a farside, you jump from one side to the other coping.


Usuually you glide on the plates inwhich are on the outside of your skates, but on the inside of your skates there are plates which you can glide on. When you glide on the inside of the skate, it's called a negative grind. This is because the plates are a lot thinner than the plates inwhich are on the outside and a lot of people find negative grinds more difficult than normal ones.

Switch Ups

While gliding and switching inbetween two different tricks,is called a switch up. An example of a switch up is a soul switching to a topside soul. You glide the grindsurface with a a soul but you jump and do a switch up to a topside soul on the same gliding surface.


Lading fakie or skating means that you're goint to land backwards (for example if you do a 180 turn) skating backwards. this is one of the important things that you should be able to achieve in skating.Skating backwards can be difficult for new tricks such as zero spin grinds. With skating backwards, it's important that you always look over your shoulder so that you can see what's behind you!


Just like with writting, everyone has the right to use the right or left leg as a leg while gliding. When you use the 'wrong' leg as a leg, that's called switching a grind. A lot of people land a grind or a trick inwhich switches two fingers come in the air to let you know that the trick was switch.


A trick is called a budget when you do a switch up inwhich one of your legs doesn't change position. A good example of a switch up with a budget trick is a backside fulltorque to backside savannah. Bij deze trick blijft de voorste torque voet de hele tijd in dezelfde positie.


Except for gliding you can also air, that's just jumping in the air for example from a bench or a halfpipe. To show that your airing is cooler, you can grab any part of your skates. This is called grabbing. There are differen grabs, which are all explained underneath here.


While doing a safety, you grab your right soulplate in the air along with your right hand, or your left soulplate with your left hand.Try to lift your legs up so that it looks like you're jumping higher.


A mute grab is a grab in which you grab your left soulplate with your right hand or you grab your right soulplate with your left hand. Try to bend your legs so that it looks like you're airing higher.


A rocket grab is a safety grab,in which you don't bend your legs but you stretch them out as far as possible.This grab is done with 180's,because it looks like you're airing a lot higher.


A Een method grab is one of the grabs that you often see in the vert.With this grab, you grab the part behing your skates by the soulplate and you make a curved shape with your back. People usually stick out their hand if they don't use it to grab.

Stale Japan

A stale Japan is a grab in which you let one of your legs stick out, your corss your leg behind the one that is stretched out. If your right leg is stretched out,then you grab the skate with your right hand and you grab the skate that has been crossed. If you stretched out your left leg, thhen you grab the skate with your left hand the skate which has been crossed.


You can jump with your skates in order to glide or to air;spinning.There are different types of spins and they're all going to be mentioned below.

Alley Oop

If you come off of a obstacle while turning, you can make a 180 spin and then glide onto it. If this turn is headed towards the obstacle,then it's called an alleyoop grind. For example you've got alleyoop soul of een alleyoop miszue.


If you jump on an obstacle while gliding and you spin half way then this can be called a truespin or an alleyoop grind. If you turn half way onto the obstacle then it's called a truespin grind. An example is a truespin topsoul or a truespin miszue. If you turn half way instead of doing a 360 spin then it's not called a 360 truespin grind but a hurricane or a hardspin grind.

Zero spin

Zero spin is a variation of tricks,instead of skating forward, you skate backwards and you jump on an obstacle. An example is a zero spin soul. By doing a zero spin soul, you skate backwards heading towards the obstacle and then you jump and do a soul grind in which you grind it backwards. A lot of people also do zero spin gaps in which you go skate backwards and once you're jumping the gap you don't turn at all.


A 180 is one of the basic tricks. The name of the spins are all based on a degree system in which a 180 degree is a hlaf turn. The 180 is also a spin in wich you turn from facing forward and going backwards. When doing a 180 try to turn in a way that your shoulders stay put. By doing this you make sure that you automatically look behind your shoulder, so that you can watch out in what's happening.


If you completely spin on your skates then it's called a 360. When doing the spin, try to turn your shoulders along with the spin. Try to look over your shoulder in the way in which you're going to spin and by doing this you make sure that you'll spin faster and it wil be easier to do the spin.


Of course you can turn further than just a 360. Then you're turning further than just one round.Just like doing a 360, it's important to keep on looking over your shoulders in the way that you're spinning in. It helps to turn your shoulders the other way so that you put more strength into it. Try to always beaware before doing the spin if you want to land backwards or not because it's dangerous to just do as many spins as you can.

Cess Slides

A cess slide is a grind that you don't do in the gliding area. You can do a cess slide over a funbox, or just on the street.There are a few cess slides that Daarnaast zijn er een paar cess slides die enkel als slide bestaan, deze zijn dus niet als grind te doen.

Cess slide

There are only a few grinds that are like cess slides. The grinds that you do on the h-block are called cess slides. The cess slides that are frequently done are royale, full torque, unity and savannah. People also do a UFO cess slide.


If you're doing a power slide, you make a half a turn and you continue to skate by one foot, while you let your other foot down onto the surface and you let your self skid.Watch out while doing a powerslide and don't do it on a spot in which your foot could get stuck behind a tile.


Flips aren't usually just called flips. There are different types of flips that you can do with your skates,for example you can do frontflips and backflips. But there are also some flips that you can do which include twisting and turning which look spectaculor.


Een frontflip wordt ook wel een voorwaartse salto genoemd.


A backflip is the opposite of a frontflip,instead of turning forwards,your turn backwards.

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